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Vision Statement:

Our vision for Polska Project Development & Engineering Private Limited (PPDE) embodies us who we are both individually & as a company. It reflects our core values in providing our clients with unmatched performance, unparalleled accountability, and the highest-level of satisfaction in the industry.

  • To build trusted relationships and serve our clients through integrity, honesty, hard work and accountability in a collaborative, solution-oriented environment focused on providing the right solution instead of the easy solution, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

  • PPDE highly values our clients’ needs for safe, reliable, and operationally efficient designs through cost-effective engineering in a responsive, dynamic, and efficient way.

  • To provide responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with the highest-quality, most dependable, cost-effective engineering, design and construction management services in ports, harbours, roadways & highway sector.

  • The mission of PPDE is to provide engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, quality service manner.

  • To be as responsive as possible to the needs of our clients, one principal/associate oversees and manages each of our market sectors. 

Core Values:

PPDE values are the cornerstone of how we operate our business and the basis for our guiding principles and the culture of the company. These values set the benchmark for the driving force behind our clear communication, superior performance, and professional integrity.

  • Ethics – We stand upright with our integrity, honesty, and fairness.

  • Safety & Health – We strive in keeping our staff safe from any kind of harm as we provide a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Quality- We maintain high standards of work and accuracy. We excel at providing excellent & high-quality work. Our reputation is showcased in the satisfaction in the eyes of our clientele.

  • Relationships-We build positive, long-term relationships with our clients, joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues that are built on trust, respect, and collaboration.

  • ​Demonstrate Integrity- Exercise the highest level of professionalism and ethical behaviour in the work arena.

  • Build Trust- Make accurate commitments to clients, work responsibly and always keep our work promises. Be candid while building shared understanding.

  • Innovation – Excellence at designing world class and technologically advanced engineering designs for ports, harbours, quays, breakwater, roadways, highways and bridges.

  • Deliver- Set high aspirations, plan responsibly, and honour all commitments.

  • Honesty and Integrity – PPDE employees are open, candid, and truthful. Our employees’ word is their bond. They do what they say and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behaviour.




Start of PPDE:

The Company was established in 2018 in Mumbai, India by the collaboration of the following three companies from Poland. The aim was straightforward, to reach out to the Far East countries and provide world class services in Engineering Design for offshore and onshore projects, with the same precision and world class facilities just like in Europe.

Projmors Designing Office for Maritime Structures Co. Ltd:
Designing Office for Maritime Structures PROJMORS Gdansk, Poland is the Office of Maritime Economy. It was established in 1948 and was registered as Consulting Engineering Office (in 1950). Since 1991 PROJMORS Company Limited is the successor of the state enterprise Designing Office for Maritime Structures ″PROJMORS″. It is the Office specializes in designing, consulting, construction supervision and construction management as well as commissioning fully equipped projects, installations and factories of maritime economy in Poland and abroad, particularly:
• Sea and river ports and harbours
• Harbour terminals
• Sea and river shipyards for commercial and fishing vessels
• Fishing bases and fish processing lines
• Inland water transport
• Oil and Chemical Industry
• Gas Industry
• Facilities with increased technical and explosive safety requirements.
• Handling and storage terminals
• Energetics
Mosty Gdansk:
Mosty Gdansk was established in 2009 and it specializes in detailed technical designing of roadways and bridges along with initial analysis and comprehensive execution of projects. In the field of creating projects, the company introduces latest achievements in the field of engineering, employing a team of designers who apply optimal solutions. Using the concept of sustainable development, Mosty Gdansk contributes to the creation of durable constructions, which ensure safety, comfort and functionality for the current generation, not reducing the development potential of future generations.
Specializes in designing for-
• Roadways
• Highways
• Expressways
• Bridges
Fortraco International:
Fortraco International was started in the year 2014 and is now a premiere company for International Trade and Business Development in the global market. Fortraco has played a major role in Global Trade Solutions, Foreign Market Entry, Managing & Organizing and Global Market Solutions. With the adept knowledge of the different country specific requirements, Fortraco was successful in the merging of ideas, principles and goals and have a unified base in India together for all the three companies under the Indian company- PPDE.

our key projects

Ports, Harbours, Quays, Oil & Gas & Refinery:

Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk - POLAND

The biggest container terminal in Poland and Baltic Sea basin with loading capacity of 500 000 TEU in first phase and 1 million TEU finally.

VI generation of container ships up to 7100 TEU capacity, 130000 DWT and 14,5 m draft.

The terminal is created on the sea as a peninsula 650 m long and 315 m wide with complete infrastructure (railway, roads, power, Cargo Fright Station, Workshop, etc).

Shipyard Repair @ Sacomar shipyard, Namibe- REPUBLIC OF ANGOLA

Two floating dock with capacity 3000T (total length 115,0 m, external width 26,0 m) and 1500T (total length 61,0 m, internal width 18,0 m).


Harbour @ North Harbour, Gdansk- POLAND

New deep-water harbour for loading and unloading dry and liquid bulk cargoes (coal, ore, crude oil, petrol). Designs of breakwaters, quays up to 17,5 m depth, loading piers, port basins with turning circle, approach channel as well as full operational loading and unloading infrastructure.

Fuel Terminal @ North Harbour, Gdansk- POLAND

Complex solutions of the OIL PORT in Gdansk in two basins with four loading berths of total loading capacity of 33 M ton per year, serving ships up to 150 000 DWT capacity.

Oil & Gas Terminal: Concept design of oil and gas terminal- AFRICA

The Terminal fulfilled multi-function purposes, i.e. Storage (tank farm) for: crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, contaminated fuel, LPG.

Supply and export through marine terminal (two berths).

Expedition of fuels by means of truck cisterns. Supply crude oil to the tank farm by means of outside pipelines (option in future).  Autonomous services: electricity, water and sewage.

Coal Terminal @ North Harbour, Gdansk- POLAND

Loading berths of total loading capacity of 9 M ton per year, serving ships up to 150 000 DWT capacity.

Fishing Harbour, Garabulli – LIBIYA

Brand new fishing port for 60 small fishing boats (up to 12 m long) and 8 Mediterranean Trawlers (32 m long) with refrigerating complex, fish market, crew hotel, canteen, water well, water and sewage treatment plants, oil tank with ships supply installation of 250 feet capacity with repair yard.

Dry & liquid bulk cargo chemical base: Baltic Bulk Terminal, Gdynia – POLAND

Terminal for storage and handling Liquid and Dry Bulk Fertilizers with most modern dome type storages for dry materials 60000 t capacity and reloading capacity 2×0,5 mill. T/year dry and liquid, ships up to 30000 DWT.

our key projects

Bridges & Roadways:

Reconstruction of General Stefan “Grot” Rowecki Bridge in Warsaw- POLAND

Inaugurated in 2015; Total length 646 m;

Development of replacement projects: building permit, detailed, workshop and technology designs.

Cable-stayed bridge over the Wisłok River in Rzeszów- POLAND

Inaugurated in 2015

Total length 482 m

Construction project with all the necessary arrangements and detailed technological design.

European Union Bridge over the Warta River in Konin, including E5, E7 and E8 elevated slip roads- POLAND

Inaugurated in 2007

Total length 1700 m

Technological design of the first extradosed bridge in Poland.

MA-145 bridge in the course of A1 motorway in Toruń – POLAND

Inaugurated in2011 r.

Total length 957 m

Alternative detailed design of the bridge and technological design of the right carriageway of motorway

WA458 Viaduct in the course of A1 motorway in Gliwice- POLAND

Inaugurated in 2011 4 double-carriageway overpasses of total length 2900 m.

Technological design of bridge executed by incremental launching method. “Push and lift” system and press pulling device were used “push and lift”.

Northern Marmara Highway (Including 3rd Bosphorus Bridge)- TURKEY


Technological design of 6 viaducts executed by using incremental launching method, being part of the 3rd Istanbul ring road, Our study includes the technology of deck and piers construction and the seismic analysis of each viaduct.

Polska Engineering Team



Adam is a civil structural engineer and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of civil engineering, supervision of construction design and working design especially bridges, expressways, and highways in Poland and abroad.

Adam holds a Master’s degree from Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. He is a visionary and leader in premiere bridge and highway projects across Europe and is also the President of Mosty Gdansk since its incorporation in 2009. He holds a vast experience in sustainable development, detailed technological designing and project management services.



Mateusz is a civil structural engineer and has more than 15 years’ work experience in the specializes in designing, construction supervision and construction management as well as commissioning fully equipped projects, installations and factories of maritime economy in Poland and abroad, particularly: sea and river ports and harbours, harbours terminals, sea and river shipyards for commercial and fishing vessels, inland water transport.
Mateusz holds broad knowledge and extensive experience in investment and company management. A graduate of Master of Science at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. In 2015 he was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of Projmors.



Jan is lawyer, foreign trade & business trade expert, Jan has expertise of more than 15 years in international business relations and trading. He holds a Graduate Degree from University of Oregon (USA) and a Post Graduate degree from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland in International Law and Legal Studies.
Jan is the visionary and pioneer in the creation and development of Polska Project in India.
He has been the pioneer of smooth business development and expansion for the company in India. Previously based in India for three years and working in the local environment has given him the cutting edge knowledge of how European and Indian business can be amalgamated for best interests and to develop a platform for Polish engineers and business to utilize and work in India and rest of South East Asia. He is also the President of Fortraco International which is a company specializing in import and export trading.


We are happy to receive applications from relevant experienced engineering profiles across India and worldwide, who wish to be a part of our company’s journey. Please submit your resume by sending it to office@polskaengineers.com or by pressing the Contact Us button below.


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